How to Resolve: Recreating the FRxsys32.MDB file in FRx


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Manual Solutions


This article lists the steps to recreate
the FRxsys32.MDB file.


The file can be recreated. However, the recommendation is to routinely backup the FRx SysData directory. In order to recreate the FRxsys32.MDB file, complete the following steps:

1. Launch FRx and write down or create print screens of the Specification Sets ( Company | Specification Sets ) and the Company profiles ( Company | Information ) including the Company Names, Codes, Paths, and Specification Set Names.

2. Rename the FRx directory on the server.

3. Reinstall FRx application to the server from a workstation.

4. Launch FRx and setup all the Specification Sets and Company Profiles by typing in the information from Step 1.

5. Enter the FRx Registration Keys.

Note -
The FRxsys32.MDB has now been recreated.

6. Close the FRx application.

7. Rename the FRxRpts.F32 file in new SysData directory of FRx.

8. Copy the FRxRpts.F32 and any other *.F32 files from the renamed directory (Step 2.) to the new FRx directory (Step 3.).

Note -
Do NOT copy the FRXDEMO.F32 file.

9. Launch FRx and set each of the Companies as default to test the pathing.

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